Problem Situation:
• Unreliable grid causing blackouts which bring inconveniences and sometimes loss of cash
• Expensive initial installation of a full solar system
• High power bills

Pawa Tele Ltd is a green energy startup company. Pawa Tele enables its consumers to use both solar and energy from the grid to power different parts of their houses. It also shifts its consumers to clean energy at their own pace. This is made possible by making them start with the first basic solar connected to PawaTeleSED (Smart Energy Device) to power the lights only. It will be followed by the second piece which will now take care of the normal sockets. These are the ones our consumer uses for normal chores like charging. Finally our consumer will fully shift by adding the last panel and increasing the battery storage. The combination will now take care of the whole house. It becomes more interesting by the provision of a phone application for safer easy switching, customer care and user manual. The capabilities of remote access of PawaTeleSED makes it seamless with any type of phone. The reliability is enhanced incredibly by connecting the consumer to the grid throughout so that on instances of low battery, they are switched back automatically.

Background and History

Pawa Tele ltd was founded on 23rd of October 2015. The company came as a result of an energy competition called Negawatt. Since then, Pawa Tele ltd has been working on a solution which makes it possible for its consumers to use both off-grid solar and energy from the grid to power different sections of their house while scaling up on the number of solar panels and therefore shifting to solar. Pawa Tele ltd designs, assembles, distributes/sells and installs the Pawa Tele’s product with the accompanying outsourced peripheral products. Due to the urgent need and capabilities of the innovative product, Pawa Tele markets PawaTeleSED to the real estates/SME’s, middle class home owners and institutions.

Description of Products

Pawa Tele SED (Smart Energy Device). This is the most recent and best product made by Pawa Tele ltd for the market. It provides a smart and safety way for the consumers to switch manually the source of power going to different lines of their house i.e. whether it’s from solar or the grid. It also allows the consumer to move to solar energy slowly by adding on solar panels and storage batteries, thereby bringing more solar power to the house, increasing solar time and more solar usage lines in the house. The product is backed up with an android app for switching purposes, providing reliable manual and customer care services. PawaTeleSED-D2 works with a solar panel, charge controller, inverter and a 12 Volts battery.

Pawa Tele ltd markets and sells this product as a package having the PawaTeleSED, the first basic solar panel, charge controller, inverter and battery.

Slogan: Shifting you to green energy at your own pace

Goal: Clean sustainable future

Vision: To provide the best solution to attain a clean sustainable planet.

Mission: To manufacture, distribute, sell and install innovative clean energy sources, accessories, equipment and electronic/electromechanical products which bring efficiency in the energy sector and the environment.

Our Blogs


  • We make it possible for our consumers to take advantage of both solar energy and that of Kenya Power to power different appliances.
  • We Let you start with a cheaper full package Installation and free delivery and installation guaranteed providing installments for those who ask.
    We allow our consumers to communicate with us through text message or send an inbox through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or g+.
  • After talking to us we will give you the quatation For the full package installation.
    We then present you with the full pricing of the work.You will then tell us your locationn and preffered installation date.

Our staff

Founder | CEO | Product design lead of PawaTele ltd. Electrical and Electronic Engineering background from Kenyatta University. The winner of the Kenya National Innovations Awards 2016, Energy and Manufacturing Cartegory. Contracted as a brand ambassador for Intel East Africa 2015/2016. Proficient in electronic and power systems, microcontrollers and embedded systems automation/development.
Application Security Analyst – Mastery Award for Students 2016 badge earner.